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We help your organization to innovate and grow by implementing AI and Machine Learning at the right time with the right focus ! We’re excited about tackling your most difficult challenges with AI and engineering the solutions for you which brings direct impact to your business.

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Strategic and technical consulting

We assess your AI maturity and identify business opportunities for using AI. Then we define high-impact use cases, and build an AI roadmap together.

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Subsidy support

We take the hassle out of applying for R&D subsidies, by helping you to write both the business and technical part of your subsidy file, and guiding you through the process. This way we help you finance your AI adventure.

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We develop a minimum viable product (MVP) or engineer new AI-based features for your existing product, so you can innovate faster.

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We train your management and teams to maximize the business value you can get from data and AI. This includes both technical and "translation" skills, so the business and engineering teams learn to speak the same language, and can unlock maximum value together.

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Recruiting support

We help you build an AI dream team with recruiting and technical assessment support.

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What we have done?

Parameter Optimization

Leveraging machine learning to maximize production output

Machine learning models for parameter optimization help to detect the origins of production line errors and to optimize the parameters of the production line to minimize errors.

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Dynamic Pricing

Developing a dynamic pricing feature for a two-sided marketplace

Machine Learning models for Dynamic Pricing allow to continuously update prices on an e-commerce platform while taking into account real-time demand and supply.

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Classification and Sentiment Analysis on Social Media Posts

Using NLP to better understand your customers

Classification models and sentiment analysis can interpret customer feedback on social media and give new actionable insights to strengthen your brand.

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