Chatbot for Internal Helpdesk

An internal chatbot to focus on what really matters!‚Äč

SMEs or bigger organisations are spending a lot of time dealing with internal questions. Some of these questions are very unique, but the majority of these questions have been answered already a thousand times before. The HR and IT department of our customer was spending a lot of time on these inquiries, losing a lot of time which could otherwise be spent on more important topics. On the other hand, employees were complaining that it also takes too long to get answers on these "simple" questions. Having strict budgets for hiring new people, our customer reached out to Data Factory to brainstorm on how we could help them to become more efficient and this is where their intelligent Chatbot for their internal helpdesk came to life!

After the initial brainstorm we quickly identified that an intelligent chatbot for their internal helpdesk could automate the handling of almost 70% of the inquiries in the HR and IT department. As we are a strong believer of not re-inventing the wheel we gave them an objective overview of the existing intelligent chatbot solutions in the market with all pro's and con's. Together we decided to use Dialogflow for intent recognition and used the Dialogflow API and the fulfilment Webhook functionality to integrate the chatbot first in the current HR platform and later on also with IT knowledge base. We installed the possibility to score the answers the chatbot gave to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the answers.

Thanks to the use of an existing platform we had our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) up and running in less than 2 weeks. After 1 month trial period, 98% of the users scored their experience positive and already 35% of the total time spent on handling internal inquiries was saved and spend on more business critical topics. The chatbot will be further integrated into the IT knowledge base and, thanks to the success, the higher management of our customer was convinced to also set up the chatbot development roadmap for tackling inquires coming from external customers.