Have you considered subsidy support for AI projects?

We can assess your project potential and guide you to the most relevant authority and subsidy - for example a Vlaio development project ("Vlaio Ontwikkelingsproject").

We take the lead on writing your full application, in parallel with brainstorming opportunities, building your business plan and researching the specific innovative technology and challenges.

We understand your business and state-of-the-art AI technology, which our clients appreciate most of all. We use a proven, iterative approach for a maximum success rate.

Let's discuss your AI subsidy opportunity

Is a development subsidy
suitable for your project?

Three key criteria to keep in mind:

You need to develop something new and innovative, which applies or develops state-of-the-art technology. This means for example not "just" a mobile app or basic machine learning, but something that has never been done before in your industry.

You need to have a strong, realistic business plan, which shows a significant return for your region. This includes financial return, but the most important aspect is job creation, within and outside your company

As a small company you typically get around 45%. of the project budget subsidized. Our projects typically have a budget of 300-700k €, and you should be able to proof you can finance your own part.

Talk to us to find out if your project matches these criteria

Why work with us?

High quality output

We are committed to build a rock-solid application file that meets all the criteria, while still being in line with you business strategy.

Iterative approach

We work in a pragmatic way, and gather feedback from you and from the subsidy agency early and often so we can pivot quickly when needed.

Technological knowledge

We are an AI company - so we are aware of the state-of-the-art in AI, machine learning and data science technology. We can guide you in what would be relevant for your use cases.

Strategic partnership

We want to be your strategic partner, supporting not only on the subsidy application, but also on the actual implementation. This ensures our incentives are perfectly aligned.

Talk to us to find out if your project matches these criteria

Our approach for success

Project screening

Before we officially start working together, we will assess your project and company situation, and select the most suitable authority and subsidy together. We have significant experience with development projects at Vlaio ("Ontwikkelingsproject") and at Innoviris.

We often share the risk with our clients, so we will be brutally honest in the feedback, and we only get started if we are convinced you will get the subsidy.

Abstract writing & feedback

We set up a first work shop for you to share a lot of information about your team, product, company, project etc. Based on this, we start writing an abstract. We work in an iterative way, where we write, and ask for your feedback during 1-hour meeting. This usually takes 2 weeks, with 3 meetings.

In many cases (e.g. for a Vlaio development subsidy), we can get feedback from the agency on this abstract. This is a go/no-go decision, as we don't want to waste our and your time if the likelihood of success is low.

Full application writing

All of these subsidies have very specific requirements, and you need to know how to translate them to your project to ensure there is a perfect match. Even just framing some messages in the "wrong" way in the application or jury defense can cause long delays or rejection of the file.

Our experience with these subsidies - especially Vlaio and Innoviris development subsidies ("Ontwikkelingsproject") helps us to write an application that meets all criteria perfectly, and smoothens the decision process. Again here we will ask the agency for feedback, as this can increase the quality of the application even further. Our clients stress the high quality standards we adhere to for each application (see below).

Thanks to our AI, machine learning and software development knowledge, we can also build the development plan, ensure the most appropriate technologies will be developed and even do preliminary research on these technologies.


After reviewing the file, the agency will typically invite you to defend your project in front of a jury. Again it is important to stick to the right messages, so we will coach you to do so, which often shortens the decision-making process.


As we are involved in writing the development plan, we are often a natural partner for executing part of the actual project work as a subcontractor. This typically involves research, development or engineering but also coaching to build your in-house team's capabilities. You can read more about our services here.

Some of our happy clients

“Data Factory was the key to our VLAIO success. They not only helped with writing the application. They helped structure our thought processes, and challenge our ideas. Data Factory was punctual and diligent in communication and a crucial sparring partner in the journey. I can recommend working with Data Factory for support in any Vlaio project and I look forward to collaborating again.”
Kris Peeters
Founder & CEO
"DataFactory helped Faktion with writing an important grant proposal. The quality of work they delivered was very high, and they were a pleasure to work with. I was pleasantly surprised by how they even took ownership of the technical parts by doing independent research. That additional technical insight is where they made the difference for me. On top, they never hesitated to challenge us, which I appreciate a lot in a partner. I hope we can collaborate more in the future"
Jos Polfliet
VP Product
“Innovation is the central driving force for AreTheyHappy and so choosing the right AI partner was one of the most important decisions we've ever made. Data Factory has helped build a roadmap of AI features, raise subsidies for our AI program, and executed a section of the engineering work. They've been incredibly professional, efficient and impactful in helping us reach our aspirations in AI.”
Hannah Albarece
Co-founder and CEO

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